I am very fond of martial arts and martial artists like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, etc. The way martial artists move, the way they discipline their routine and their daily life is very inspiring and motivating. I often watch movies about martial arts, and I always have a very good and enjoyable time whomever I watch it with. Even though there are different opinions regarding the origins of martial arts, China is the place where it grew more and more by being practiced by most people. These movies and the subject of martial arts have changed my life in a lot of ways. I have become more hard-working and a lot less lazy being inspired by these. Once, I went to an art gallery where I saw a Chinese oil painting about martial arts, and I lost myself in it. It was so beautiful, riveting, and I could feel the strength coming out of the painting. It was very strong and exciting, powerful, and mighty. 

So, the origin. The original origin of martial arts is just guessing. Its origin is from an era that didn’t even have a written history. So, no one can pinpoint the perfect time of martial arts’ birth or the idea of it. But, the history, progression, and practice of it are very exciting. The paintings of these historic times attract me very much, and they showcase some historical events and cultures. They are so beautiful in a brutal way. Well, martial arts isn’t that brutal. It was just an expression. But still, it is a brutal fighting system. If you look up the history online, it’s very astonishing. The amount of hardwork and discipline that goes into being a great martial artist makes me wonder, “What the hell am I doing with my life and the strength that I have?” These things make me wanna get off my butt and get to work. The martial artists give up their sleep, their rest, and they just keep at it all the time to become a great Artist. And this is what art is. It makes you move; it makes you work; hard-work that is, it makes you chase your dreams; it steals away your sleep and makes you restless. And this restlessness is ecstasy. I know that sounds a little cheesy, but it’s the truth. All of this talk about dragons and martial arts came from the experience that I had while looking at some oil paintings. And as I said before in my other blog about myself that I am not a great artist, but I can surely admire and try to understand art and paintings. Art is an abstract thing. All you do is look at paintings, but the feeling that you feel is more important here. And I feel empowered when I look at these historical paintings.