Hello again! I just wanted to give you readers a quick update about my life right now. Yes, i’m still dating and things are going great between me and Richard. Two months ago we had a serious talk about the status of our relationship and we finally decided that we both wanted to make it official!
It’s so great to share similar interests with someone you really like. Richard and I just have a big passion for art and that is exactly the part that connected us in the first place. Although we are both passionate about paintings, we still have a separate adoration for different types of art. As you all know, I am really fond of China oil paintings. Richard however, is more attracted by abstracted paintings.

We often go out and visit one of our favorite galleries called The Paintery. Every month there is a different exhibition with another artists. This is our favorite thing to do on a perfect date together: just strolling down the gallery and talk about the paintings or even sculptures. The Paintery often organizes opening events for new exhibitions. Those events are just so interesting, especially when you look at the almost stereotype of characters. What’s not to like about having a good chat in combination with a sparkling champagne and just take a look at some fine art pieces. Unfortunately it’s hard to attend every opening, but I always try to be present on time. Now the events became even better now that Richard is around.

I can’t help it, i’m so in love right now. In my last post I didn’t told you his name yet, because I really had to see where this was going to. Of course, being in love is the greatest feeling ever. But being in love can also make you very blind at the same time. I remember the moment that I just knew we belong together. We were on our fifth date at another gallery downtown. During this evening we noticed the exact same painting, which was a little bit hidden. It was such a coincidence that we both saw it while we walked through the gallery. Richard told me that the girl in the painting was really beautiful and that I looked exactly like her. The next day Richard was playing some casino games on his computer with different kroon casino bonussen and won. my boyfriend went to the gallery to buy this painting for me. He came to my place with the painting and i was so amazed, this was the moment I fell in love…

I’m so grateful to have found a man like Richard, he is really sweet and so patience with me. At this very moment he is the one who can make me smile. That is the most important thing in finding the right person; he or she should make you smile everyday. Even though we are in love, our relationship is really young and everything still can happen. Maybe in the future we will have a talk about moving in together, but for now I still prefer to live on my own. We have to take baby steps in order to succeed this journey and i’m definitely willing to do this together with Richard.