As someone who loves and adores Chinese art, you would think that I would have visited China many different times. But believe it or not, I have only visited a few times. I wish I had a good reason for this, but I really don’t. When I was working I had a busy schedule and planning trips was hard to do. But now, I just try to visit new places and since I’ve been, it is hard to justify going back when there are so many countries I have yet to visit. However, I finally decided to go back to the place where my heart loves and plan a trip to China.

During my trip, I am hoping to experience a few of the places that I have never been. I would love to spend a bit more time in more remote parts of China, rather than the mainstream, more touristy places. And of course, I would love to find some local artists to meet and potentially purchase art from.

I have a wall in my kitchen that is empty. I know that I want a piece of art for this wall, but I have yet to find the perfect oil painting for the space. So one of my goals on this trip is to find a piece of art that will fit in with my decor, while also speaking to my soul. If I find this piece, I would love to bring it home as both a way to memorialize my trip and show any visitors to my home the beauty that can be found within Chinese art.

My trip is still a couple of months away, so I have time to prepare and plan an itinerary. As I get closer, I look forward to sharing all of the details with all of you. If you have any tips about your favorite places to visit while in China, please pass them my way.