Hello there readers! I love to share all of the exciting things that are going in my life with you and today I have some really exciting news. I am planning a trip to go home. As I have mentioned before, I am originally from London in the United Kingdom, but have resided in Hong Kong for over 10 years now. However, all of my family still lives in London. And though it may be hard to believe since I am retired, but I rarely make it home because I am so busy. My mom has been asking me when I am coming home, so today I sat down and booked a ticket to go home.

After being away for a couple years, it is always a bit strange to go home. It feels like so much has changed, while at the same time, feeling like so much has remained the same. The things and places I loved as a kid are still there and bring back so many memories, while I get to see and experience new things and make new memories.

I am extremely excited to go back home and stay in the room I grew up in as a child and have my mother cook some of my favorite English dishes for me. I am also excited to see my brothers and sisters. I come from a big family, with two younger brothers and one older and younger sister. Yes, you read that right, I am one of five children. And of course, my brothers and sisters have kids, so I get to see and spend time with my nieces and nephews.

Well, I need to get busy. I always bring gifts from Hong Kong when I go home so I need to get shopping since I have so many to purchase for. It will be a busy weekend shopping for me. I hope you all enjoy your weekends.