Being retired in your late 30s is a rarity. And I have come across many people who say that even if they were well-off, they couldn’t be retired at my age. They would not know what to do with their day or their time. Because of all of this feedback that I receive from people, I decided that I would tell all of my readers a bit more about my daily routine. No, it does not consist of sitting at home and watching talk shows all day. I feel I am actually a very productive member of society.

Just like most working folks, I get up and start my day with a cup of nice hot coffee and I begin it at a reasonable hour. This is usually between the hours of 7 and 8. I will admit that I do take my time starting the day though. I lounge around in my pajamas for a bit while either watching a morning news show or reading the paper. After this, I take a shower and get ready for my day.

Most of my afternoon is spent doing various types of volunteer work. I volunteer in a local school, at a local homeless shelter and at a pet shelter. All of these cases are near and dear to my heart and I feel I can make a difference in the world giving my time to these causes.

After I am done volunteering, I work out. Then I eat dinner. Since I am single, I do enjoy eating out with friends. It gives me a chance to socialize and interact with others. When there are local art shows, I try to take those in. Otherwise most evenings, you can find me playing around on the internet, online shopping or video chatting with family and friends who still live in London. I eventually turn in for the evenings around 11 pm. As you see, while I am retired, my life really isn’t that different from everyone else’s and I manage to keep busy.